Selected Projects

Indeed Brewing


Indeed has been growing like crazy over the last few years, and their web presence hadn't felt the love for a few years. Indeed's design firm, Duffy, has finessed their brand recently and provided the initial design direction for this project. We knocked out a responsive site using the wonderful Craft CMS.



Clear has been a partner in PTRX, building and bringing to launch an eHealth platform with content created by clinical therapists for clinical therapists. It provides an efficient way to prescribe remote healthcare regimens for patients & get statistical results for effective follow-up care. It launched with Fairview as its first client, with over 400 physical therapists and athletic trainers using it daily and over 80,000 patients using it for their rehab.


Consultancy / Agency

Clear just launched a new site for Antenna, just down the block in Minneapolis' North Loop. Built as a fully-responsive site and Retina-ready, with an admin side sitting on top of the solid Craft CMS platform, this refresh gives Antenna a new platform with which to pursue marketing domination. Definitely a fun refresh to be a part of.

Jonathan Chapman

Portfolio Website

Clear just launched a revamped site in 2015 for JCP along with eighthourday providing design guidance. This is the fourth iteration of JCP's site that we've had the pleasure to work on. We moved the site, photo management and video projects into Expression Engine, along with migrating the blog over from an aging Blogger account.

Peterssen / Keller Architecture

Portfolio Website

Clear built a second interation for Peterssen / Keller Architecture, a longtime client, with design help by the great folks at eighthourday. It was built as a Retina-ready site using Craft CMS, providing an easy-to-use admin system and easy and quick updates.

Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

Multiple Projects

Clear has been an ongoing partner with Gillette, providing technical guidance and full interactive development for the public-facing as well as re-architecting and building their entire corporate intranet, a tool used daily by thousands of their employees at 20 hospitals & clinics around Minnesota.

Eight Hour Day

Portfolio Website

Martin Olson and Clear teamed up to build a new site for Nate and Katie at Eight Hour Day. Lots of jQuery and Wordpress goodness... and AWWWards Site of the Day from the look of it.

Monopoint Media / Gear Junkie


Monopoint Media & GearJunkie are two businesses that Clear helped get off the ground and helped to run on a day-to-day basis for 7 years. We were involved in project pitches, concepting & execution of everything that came through the door. One month we would be coordinating a video shoot or edit, and another month it was a live event or social media promotion. GearJunkie gets about a million pageviews a month and has seen steady growth year-after-year.

Asche And Spencer Music Search

Web App

Asche & Spencer creates music. The Asche & Spencer Music Search Engine is a web app that Clear built to let you search their library of thousands of tracks simply and elegantly. It operates by using a weighted-tagging system to collectively rank the results based on the combination of tags that you search with. There's a robust admin system so A&S has full control over all aspects of the tracks in the database.

UMN Health

Multiple Sites

We just launched three sites for the freshly-minted UMN Health organization. As a collaboration between University of Minnesota Physicians, Fairview Health Services and the University of Minnesota Medical Center, all of the sites are built on the Craft CMS and feed content into multiple other properties within the UMP, UMMC and Fairview ecosystem. The three sites reside at, and

Logic PD

Corporate Website

We created a new site for the folks at Logic PD here in Minneapolis. It was a total re-think from the ground up that started with a re-architecture of their existing content, then bringing a fresh, new design into the mix, then built using the Expression Engine CMS.


Portfolio Website

Launched in June of 2013, we delivered a new site for a great creative shop here in Minneapolis, Capsule. It is built using responsive techniques, so the site is tailored for desktop, tablet and mobile. It includes support for Retina devices, and is managed by the Expression Engine CMS.


Archived Projects

Taco John’s Potato Olé Maniacs

Staged launch from July - Nov 2009

Using the power of social media, this branch of encouraged the viewer to upload their videos, give yourself a Frolé out of a Potato Olé & test your madlib skills, all in the name of the potato.

Mrs. Meyers Video Player

Launched in December, 2008

This was a fun little project for the folks at mono that was built as a mini-campaign for Mrs. Meyers' cleaning products. The video player showed Thelma at her best, giving her highly needed perspective on all matters of house, home & life in general.


Produced throughout 2008/09

Various internal Flash projects produced for PepsiCo's intranet. Most were data-driven, such as this one which created a versatile map with the various company offices around the world, all ticked to their current viewers time zone along with visual elements like dynamic daylight/nighttime and daylight savings adjustment.

Larson Boats

Launched 2007/08 Season

Clear worked with Industrio/Gage on the relaunch of the Larson Boats 2007/08 site. It utilized an XML data structure for bringing in visual assets, allowing for tons of asset re-use. The main navigation, boat navigation and photo galleries were all integrated into the same file making for a super-efficient user experience.

LS Black

Launched in November, 2005

Developed in tandem with Brian at Form and Logic, this was a revamp of LS Black Constructors' online presence, the main goal to provide consistency and class to their portfolio of work.

Rossignol USA

Launched in 2003

One of our earlier Flash projects, we built this microsite for Rossignol's launch of their new line of ski's, the Zenith. It allowed for people to view various parts of the skis, check out the technical specs & keep that excitement with some download wallpapers.

Sesame Street Workshop
40th Anniversary

Trafficked in October, 2009

Sesame Street's 40th anniversary is a big deal, so coinciding with a re-launch of their website, we helped mono push out a ton of online ads to help direct parents and their children to the new site.

OAR - Of A Revolution

Lava Records / Inflatable3
Launched in November, 2007

We worked with the fine folks at Inflatable3 to build up a new data-driven site for the band OAR. Full-album media player, video players, dynamic contests & flyering was all driven by a crazy cool server-side that was powered by Chime.


Launched in early 2004

We worked with Brian Adducci & Dan Bagenstoss at Capsule to build them a new site in Flash 5 (!). Definitely a team exercise and we were glad to work amongst such talented folks.

Dispatch Music

Launched in January, 2006

We re-launched Dispatch's online presence. The band had broken up in 2002, but came together for a set of reunion concerts in 2007, for which this project was the official kick-off. The fully data-driven Flash site was home to tons of their media from years past, with video, photos and full albums for downloading & streaming, all powered by Chime.

Zeiss Victory RF

Launched in July, 2008

This is one in a series of 3 micro-sites that were created for Zeiss through Pocket Hercules. One of the cool features was to show how their rangefinder binoculars would detect the range of things in your field-of-view. We built a method to detect the color saturation of a group of pixels and it would estimate the range of what you're looking at.

Arctic Cat

Created in 2006

Developed Flash content for the 2006 Arctic Cat Winter relaunch for Periscope. We worked alongside the in-house development team to freshen up the online presence for the brand, with the other seasonal lines taking the same template as this Winter Launch.

Campbell Mithun

Created in 2006

Built with a small team at Cue, Clear helped with the online re-brand of Campbell Mithun, an agency with a storied 70-year history.

Primo / Pabst Brewing

Launched in November, 2007

Created with Play & Citizen for Pabst Brewing, this was the online re-launch of the immensely popular Hawaiian beer brand, Primo.

Pearl Izumi
Ban The Speed Shop

Launched in September, 2009 was launched with Pocket Hercules as an online guerilla-marketing campaign for the new line of Pearl Izumi P.R.O Edition cycling apparel.

Mongoose / Pacific Bicycles

Pitched in 2008

This banner campaign concept was presented in conjunction with Pocket Hercules to Pacific Bikes in 2008 as a way to show concepts for a possible upcoming campaign.